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Chiloé pepper

This pepper originates from the Chilean Pacific Island Chiloé, known as a small natural paradise. It is the northernmost of the numerous Tierra del Fuego islands. A mild climate, fertile soils and high rainfall promote lush vegetation on Chiloé. Thus, agriculture is one of the most important revenues of the chilots besides fishing and tourism. It has been said that Chiloe is probably the original home of the potato.

This pepper is probably more of a chili than a pepper and it's taste has a fruity note.

This pepper is harvested in quantities of only about 2 tons per year, collected and dried by around 50 families. Due to this, Chiloé pepper is considered a rare rarity. The dried fruits vary in colour from beige and various shades of red to almost black and remind a little of small raisins in shape.

We recommend using the fruity, hot and intense Chiloé pepper together with meat dishes, fish and hearty dishes.

Chiloé pepper is available 50 gr / 1.76 oz 

Country of origin: Chile