Rajasthani Elephant Handmade Toy / Home Decor

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Beautifully handcrafted Rajasthani elephant toy / home decor. In Rajasthan the puppet tradition is called Kathputli, where Kaath means wood and Putli means Puppet. Kathputli means a puppet made out of wood. However Kathputlis typically have wooden torso and shoulders while the legs (absent in the ones based on a female character) and arms are made of clothes stuffed with cotton. Kathputli’s are string puppets controlled by strings which passes from the top of the puppets and manipulated by the puppeteer. These highly decorative handmade puppets are the source of age old tradition of narration of historical stories, myths and legends. The narrations were accompanied with music and dialogues delivered by the group members. Kathputli became one of the most important and well know performing arts of Rajasthan and it represents the tradition, customs and socio-cultural backdrop of the state.

Color: Multicoloured
Type: Other
Material: Wood
Country of Origin: India