Smiledrive UV Sterilizer Box Smartphone Sanitizing Machine Portable UV Disinfector for IOS, Android Mobile Phones Keys Cash Credit Card Sanitizer

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Eliminates upto 99% of germs and bacteria in les than 3 mins: Smiledrive UV Cell Phone Sanitizer even kills the microorganisms hidden in crevices. No Extra Liquid, Chemical or Heat is needed: With Lamp wavelength of 253.7nm you can simply insert the phone or other small items and disinfect them quickly Suitables for all mobile phone models under 7 inches: Quickly sterlizes your IOS or Android phone Use it to Sterilize other small household items: Like Cash, spoons, watches, credit card, keys, pens etc Portable, Easy to use, powered by a USB Cable: Smiledrive UV Steriliser box is light weight, extremely easy to use with press button sterilizing. It is powered by a USB cable, thus can also be used with a power bank if you are out and about.

Country of Origin: India